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UVEX Earmuff K2

Uvex K-Series K1, K2, K3, K200, K1H, K2H High-protection in a perfect design The new..

RM84.00 Ex Tax: RM84.00

Uvex Earmuff K2H

UVEX K2H• Earmuffs, ideal for combining with helmet and visor• Suitable for all uvex safety helmets:..

RM101.00 Ex Tax: RM101.00

UVEX EYEWEAR Astrospec 2.0 Clear

UVEX Astrospec 2.0 SpectacleArt No.: 9164.275A new style of guaranteed protectionInnovative style an..

RM51.00 Ex Tax: RM51.00

UVEX EYEWEAR Astrospec 2.0 Grey

Uvex astrospec 2.0 – redesign of the most successful industrial safety spectacles Art No.: 9164.246T..

RM51.00 Ex Tax: RM51.00

UVEX EYEWEAR Sportstyle Clear

Uvex SportstyleArt No.: 9193.376Style without compromiseAdjustable, soft nose piece for a comfortabl..

RM40.00 Ex Tax: RM40.00

UVEX EYEWEAR Sportstyle Grey

Uvex Sportstyle9193.280Style without compromiseAdjustable, soft nose piece for a comfortable, custom..

RM39.00 Ex Tax: RM39.00

UVEX Glove C500 XG (Size 8)

The C500 cut protection safety gloves range set new standards in protection, comfort, flexibility, d..

RM77.00 Ex Tax: RM77.00

UVEX Glove Phynomic Allround (Size 8)

Glove Phynomic AllroundThe uvex phynomic allround is a lightweight safety glove for many application..

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

UVEX Glove Phynomic Foam (Size 8)

Glove Phynomic FoamThe uvex phynomic foam is a very sensitive safety glove. The aqua-polymer foam co..

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

UVEX GLOVE Phynomic XG (Size 8)

Uvex phynomic XGThe uvex phynomic XG offers the best oil grip in its class. The innovative aqua-poly..

RM25.00 Ex Tax: RM25.00

UVEX Glove Synexo Impact 1 (Size 9)

Uvex Synexo Impact 1 The perfect glove for extremely demanding activities: uvex impact 1. Designed f..

RM117.00 Ex Tax: RM117.00

UVEX Glove Unidur 6659 Foam (Size 9)

Glove unidur 6659 foamThe HPPE and glass fibres of the uvex unidur 6659 foam ensure very high cut pr..

RM39.00 Ex Tax: RM39.00

UVEX Goggle Super F OTG

Uvex Goggle Super F OTG9169.585New side arm hinge concept with extremely soft ear pieces Side a..

RM47.00 Ex Tax: RM47.00

UVEX Goggle Super OTG

Uvex Goggle Super OTG9169.260Hingeless side arms with extremely flexible soft ear piecesSuitable for..

RM57.00 Ex Tax: RM57.00

UVEX Goggle Ultrasonic Extreme

Uvex ultrasonic goggle9302.275Wide-vision goggles with exceptional wearer comfortCombines hard and s..

RM73.00 Ex Tax: RM73.00