Fire Fighting

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Fire extinguisher

9 KG PORTABLE DRY POWDER EXTINGUISHERFire Extinguisher- Brand: ANSUL  Model: PK20  P/N: 42..

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Hose reel

AHR CONTINUOUS FLOW HOSE REELS50 ft. (15.2 m)- Brand: ANSUL  P/N: 433077  Model: AHR-1.5-5..

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Gas cylinder

ANSUL CO2 CYLINDER- Brand: ANSUL   P/N: 426612 / 426613  Cylinder CO2 100 LB Filled R..

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DCP skid

DCP SKID WITH HOSE REEL AND MONITOR- LDC, Skid, S-1500-A, CR-K, 2-1 in. x 150 ft. hose reels  S..

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Ansulite ARC 3% or 6% AR-AFFF Concentrate- Brand: ANSUL  P/N: 55808  55 Gallon DrumFo..

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Foam Monitor

FOAM MONITORFoam Monitors control the horizontal and vertical directions of large capacity dischar..

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